Three personalised gift ideas

Birthdays and other celebrations should always be memorable, and the gifts you give should reflect this. Of course, you can give your loved ones some flowers, money or a bath bomb. A lot of people will say however that it’s not about the gift you give, but about the thought behind the gift. That’s why it’s a much better idea to go for a really personal gift. We’ve made a list of truly personal gift options you can give your friends, family or significant other. Read on and get ready to make them happy!

Think of what your loved one likes

First things first when deciding on a personalised gift: think about the things the receiver likes. Are they a big sports fan or do they love to write? How about a personalised water bottle or notebook? Think about their hobbies and interests. Maybe there is an interesting book they might like. You can also get them a cool gift card; if they’re a real fashionista, buy them a gift card for their favourite shop, or you can give them an experience as a present. Escape rooms, mini golf courses and go-kart tracks usually have an option to gift an experience.

Convenient and cool: a personalised phone case

Is the birthday boy or girl a real smartphone lover? Do you hardly ever see them without their phone in their hands? In that case, a personalised phonecase is a great gift idea. This gift will also work for your clumsy friends, who can’t help but drop their phone at least once a day. You can provide your own phone case design, like a photo of the two of you or a nice quote that you like. This is a personal, original gift that no one else will have thought of!

Personalised food and drink

Everyone loves to enjoy some good food and drink on their birthday. Therefore, why not gift your loved ones a picknick or dinner? To make it more special, you can also include a personalised wine bottle – maybe from the year they were born – or glasses and plates inscribed with their name. Get their favourite dessert delivered or spent some time in the kitchen yourself – it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you put a lot of thought into your gift. If your gift shows your love and appreciation for the person you’re giving it to, that’s all you need to make their day.