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The tool you need to get started: The Markaaz Dashboard

When we started Markaaz, we had been studying small businesses, across the world, for years. 

It was only when we went through the same challenges as other small businesses that we realized what they needed.  

As businesses grow, there is a natural tendency to sign up for more and more business apps (most start with an email and accounting package and then add CRM, payroll, and marketing apps). If you are like most, before you know it, you end up with 20+ different browser tabs pinned to your favorites that you check daily for updates– none of which connect.  

The same goes for your essential documents. You might start with just your certificate of incorporation. Still, before you know it, you add bylaws, your EIN confirmation letter, and business owner insurance, and soon you need a whole filing system.  

Staying ahead

At Markaaz, we thought there had to be a better way to stay on top of all this. This back and forth between apps or looking for the right documents takes about 30% of your time.  

That’s how the Markaaz Dashboard came about! We’ve built the only place where you can organize your business in a single location, see

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Sandy Watkins to become a Co-Founder of Markaaz

AUSTIN, Texas , June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fast-growing fintech, Markaaz has announced this morning that Sandy Watkins has joined Markaaz as its latest co-founder. Sandy Watkins previously founded OpenLending, and subsequently served as its Chairman. Since 2021, he has served an advisor and investor in Markaaz, and Member of the Board of Directors. As a Co-Founder of Markaaz, Sandy Watkins will drive corporate development, strategic deals, and strategy, alongside its current founders and leadership team. ”We are thrilled to have Sandy as part of the founding team of Markaaz,” says Hany Fam and Fabi Hubschmid.

Fabi Hubschmid, Hany Fam and Sandy Watkins

Fabi Hubschmid, Hany Fam and Sandy Watkins

Visit to learn more.

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Data Strategy Leader David Clarke joins Markaaz as Chief Data Officer in Residence

David Clarke brings over 30 years of Data Strategy experience from Dun & Bradstreet, Avention and clients like Mastercard, John Wiley and TiVo

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — David Clarke, a seasoned executive with an international track record of building data organizations, has joined Markaaz as Chief Data Officer in Residence. This most recent addition to the team underpins the company’s accelerated growth plans and the increasing demand for its data-driven solution in the US, Asia and beyond.

Markaaz, a fast-growing Fintech, applies data triangulation as it builds the definitive environment for small and big businesses to connect. Its two-sided Dashboard provides small business owners with a digital interface to better manage their data and business insights, while enabling consent-based data sharing with enterprise partners that accelerates their onboarding, approving, and monitoring for better servicing, lower acquisition costs, increased sales, and higher retention.

With its pre-populated and pre-verified directory of over 115 million businesses (and soon growing to 300 million), Markaaz is uniquely positioned to engage business owners to ‘claim their data’ and ensure its quality. This approach has been validated in market, in 2018, when Hany Fam

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Credit score basics for small business – with Equifax

Your business already has a credit score. Do you know what it is? We talk to David Adams, Head of Product Marketing, Commercial
Equifax Inc., to discover how your business credit score affects your business 

Whether you know it or not, your small business started receiving a credit score as soon as you registered your business with your state. Like your personal score, it’s essential you work to maintain and improve that score. A better score allows you to access better credit and improve business growth. 

When you register your business with your state, credit score companies get a business registration notification and start a digital credit file. As your business grows, more and more information is added to your file based on your various business transactions, which strengthen or weaken your small business credit score based on your history. 

These payments include phone and internet service payments, rental agreements and rental payments, credit cards, and other recurring business payments and expenses. Paying your business bills on time gives you a good business credit score, which includes utility information.

Some credit agencies, such as Equifax, now have access to a utility payments database. This database can help new businesses or

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Markaaz Dashboard Growth Enables Small Business Success

Markaaz, the Dashboard for small business management, has big plans for partnerships, growth, and expansion that enable customization, connectivity, and resource access.

Here at Markaaz, we are building a dashboard where our members can connect all of the small business tools they need to get a birds-eye view of their complete business operations. Today we help small business owners navigate the most important aspects of getting their business going. Tomorrow, we will be able to assist them throughout their business growth journey. 

Markaaz works with companies and partners that provide small business management and financial advice, access to the best tools for running their business, discounts from verified and trusted global partners, and in the future, we will offer no-fee payments and much more.  

To ensure our members have access to the best suppliers on the market today, Markaaz has a proprietary tracker of thousands of small business solutions that we continuously update and research to maintain a list of top small business tools and services. These include tools such as HubSpot and PayPal. 

All of the small business finance solutions a company may need, from insurance to banking, loans, credit cards, and more, can be accessed through the Markaaz

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