Effective Ways to Build an Eco-Friendly Business

The changing times have affected the consumer awareness of the global market. Especially in developed countries, people are more interested in using environmentally friendly products.

They are increasingly educated, critical and understand industrial activities that are not environmentally friendly and choose not to use or consume their products.

Not wanting to lose the market, many companies are starting to switch to sustainable or go-green economic activities. For example, the application of alternative energy and the use of low-carbon green industry standards. However, in reality, not all of them are successful in implementing it.

An organic farming company called Dr Earth Company, California, United States, where the founder Milo Shammas, explains that building and running an eco-friendly business is a challenge, but not impossible. Because, the concept of go-green that is echoed is not just about the product, but also the style or business system that is applied.

If you also want to apply the concept of a green industry and market an eco-friendly brand, you can follow Milo’s four successful ways below. Check out the tips for success!

An eco-friendly business must be honest and open, what do you mean by that?

In promoting an eco-oriented or go-green company, you must establish honest, positive, and two-way communication with customers.

Among them can be by creating a weekly blog, monthly newsletter, or providing a service facility for consumers to ask questions via e-mail or telephone.

Your company can also participate in celebrating the anniversary of important moments related to the go-green concept, such as Earth Day, Environment Day, and Water Day.

Alternatively, you can attract the sympathy of your customers to participate, for example by planting trees, making infiltration holes, and making recycled craft products. This is effective for strengthening your brand and company that cares about the environment.

Practice all the things promoted

If the brand being promoted is an environmentally friendly product, then your company also needs to practice such values ​​in the production process and in daily work standards. Even better, if all divisions have implemented the green industry concept.

For example, updating the design of workspaces with lots of ventilation and access to sunlight so as to minimize the use of lights and air conditioners, the use of recycled materials for office furniture, the use of fuel efficient commercial transportation, and the use of solar energy.

However, if your business style is not in line with the eco-friendly products you promote, then chances are your company is slowly losing customers.

Choose partners wisely can support environmentally friendly businesses to be more successful

Making partners between business and non-profit organizations that share the same philosophy is the most important thing that you must pay attention to.

Your company will not succeed in attracting consumers if you partner with an organization whose values ​​are not in line with yours, for example only pursuing high profits by ignoring go-green concepts, such as the use of non-biodegradable materials.

Building this partnership must have realistic common goals and involve all parties in it.

One of them is making collaborations to provide education to consumers regarding the importance of environmentally friendly products for the future of the earth and human life. This can trigger awareness, change lifestyles, and increase the need for healthy and environmentally friendly products.

Collaboration with local products

Develop partnerships with local communities and businesses by promoting green product providers around you.

For example, if your company is in the healthy food business, you can work with organic farmers and local, eco-friendly raw material providers.

Another thing that can be a link between your business and the local community is to join a trade organization or green industry association in your area.

By strengthening local connections, it is easier for your company to promote your brand to attract loyal consumers. This step is highly recommended if your goal is to change consumer behavior at the national level to switch to environmentally friendly products.

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