Month: September 2022

American Airlines introduces new business class: Flagship Suites

The rumors are true: American Airlines will be phasing out long-haul first class in the coming years.

But well-heeled travelers don’t need to fret too much. The airline is planning to consolidate its Flagship First and Flagship Business classes into a new Flagship Suites configuration on its most premium-heavy planes, promising direct aisle access and a privacy door for everyone up front on many of its high-value routes.

American will also update and expand the premium economy cabins on those aircraft as part of the overhaul, installing new seats with headrest wings for greater privacy.

“What’s core to all of this is American Airlines continuing to listen to our customers and continuing to get feedback from our customers,” Julie Rath, American’s vice president of customer experience told USA TODAY. “Our Flagship Suites that we’re delivering are really aligned with what the customer expectation is in the premium cabin.”

Summer air travel meltdown?:Things in Amsterdam are chilling out

What will American’s new Flagship Suites be like?

Rendering of American Airlines' new Flagship Suite

Flagship Suite seats will feature privacy doors and direct aisle access for every passenger, as well as increased personal space compared to existing Flagship Business class seats. Every new Flagship seat will convert to

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New business moves into vacant Pier 1 building as 24th Street West begins to fill up

Once empty buildings along the 24th Street West and King Avenue West corridor are quickly filling in after years of vacancy.

The Pier 1 Imports store, which sits at the corner of 24th Street West and Rosebud Drive, has sat vacant since 2020 when the national retail chain filed for bankruptcy. The building will become the site of a new Skechers shoe store; work on the building began earlier this month.

The new Skechers store sits directly across 24th Street from a new Chick-fil-A, which is currently under construction. The chicken sandwich shop will be the second in Montana and is being built in the back end of the parking lot of Planet Fitness.

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Planet Fitness, of course, was a vacant Toys ‘R’ Us until the gym took over the building in 2019.

Just south on King Avenue West will be three new retailers filling in the long vacant Big Bear Sports Center. Big Bear closed in 2017 after a man barricaded himself in the big box store and was shot dead by police after an hours-long standoff.

Moving into the completely remodeled building will be a HomeGoods store, a Sierra retail shop and a PetCo.

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Best 25 Cities For US Jobs Through 2020

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Tampa potter banks on a new business idea: dented mixing bowls

Kelley Pitcher reached up to hang a sign above her vendor stall at the Hyde Park Village monthly market which showcased images of her newly patented product — the stainless steel “Belly Bowl.”

Pitcher, a Valrico resident, wasn’t sure what the reaction would be.

It was still steamy outside over Labor Day weekend. She’d had already skipped the August market because of the weather and was worried few shoppers would be in attendance. But she was too excited to show off her latest invention — a mixing bowl you balance against your tummy, to local shoppers in Tampa Bay.

As Pitcher and her partner Joel Lebel set up their custom display shelves in front of the shopping plaza’s iconic fountain, Lebel said: “I don’t expect a huge turnout…”

“But sometimes it’s a surprise,” Pitcher added.

They’ve sold goods at the local Hyde Park Village Fresh Market countless times before under the name Pitcher Pottery. Together Pitcher and Lebel organize hundreds of ceramics, from mugs to food trays, in time for shoppers arriving for brunch and to browse in the late morning.

Over Labor Day weekend, Pitcher made room for a brand new display. Three metallic models of dented mixing bowls

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New Business to Take the Place of Smouse House | KCII Radio

At the September 20th Washington City Council meeting, the council unanimously approved the major site plan for Scooter’s Coffee which will move into the lot that the historic Smouse House occupied. The demolition date for the Smouse House has been set for Monday, September 26th.

The Washington Historic Preservation Commission approved the demolition on June 20th, citing its long-term vacancy, safety hazards, and the current estimate that it would cost over $1.5 million to renovate. At the July 5th Washington City Council meeting, the council unanimously approved a demolition permit. However, the demolition could not ultimately be finalized until the National Register of Historic Places supported the demolition.

Washington Mayor Jaron Rosien spoke with KCII and talked about how much involvement the City Council had in determining what would move onto the former Smouse House lot. “The council operates in terms of codes and ordinances, which has to do with the traffic and the entrances and exits around Scooters Coffee. We want to support business and industry here in Washington, and not at the expense of other industries and businesses here in Washington. However, Council concerns are restricted to codes and ordinances and not to debate the type of

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